New features
  • Access token on PIS workflow : The access token will be removed from the PIS workflow.
  • Sorting and page size on GET Transactions : The parameters 'size' and 'sort' will be removed from the API getAccountTransactionsUsingGET (GET /berlingroup/v1/accounts/{account-id}/transactions). The default value for the size parameter sent to the CBS is 25, no default sort is defined.
  • Create payment/consent/authorisation responses - links malformed:   Currently, the links returned in the response of create consent/payment/authorisation APIs are simple links. This will be corrected according o the BG Standard in order to return the link as an “Href Type”
             Example - current format "_links": {"scaOAuth": ".../berlingroup/authorize"}              Format after correction "_links": {"scaOAuth": {"href":".../berlingroup/authorize"}