Disaster Recovery Test

To ensure recovery in case of disaster, a DRT (Disaster Recovery Test) must be done. So on 28/11/2020 from 10:00 pm untill 23:40 pm and on 29/11/2020 from 12:40 am untill 04:40 am, our API services, sandbox and devportal will be temporarily unavailable.


Technical update

During the technical update that will take place on 21/11/2020 from 10:00 pm untill 00:00 am next day (so for 2 hours), our API services, sandbox and devportal will be temporarily unavailable.


New version of the Sandbox and API available as from mid 12/2020

The new release of the version 6 of the PSD2 APIs will be available mid December.  This version brings a breaking change for you in the creation of payments and consents: App2App will be available at AXA Bank. All information is freely avalailable in chapter 13 of the “How to” on   Above all, instant payments will also be supported from that date on.


Changes on TPP API

New features
  • Access token on PIS workflow : The access token will be removed from the PIS workflow.
  • Sorting and page size on GET Transactions : The parameters 'size' and 'sort' will be removed from the API getAccountTransactionsUsingGET (GET /berlingroup/v1/accounts/{account-id}/transactions). The default value for the size parameter sent to the CBS is 25, no default sort is defined.


Production API’s

XS2A is open for production since May 29th.  We most welcome you to read more about the services offered via the “How To” section  “8. Specific Berlin Group Implementation”.   Access to open banking APIs in production will be restricted to qualified third parties, having obtained authorization from a National Competent Authority (NCA) to operate as a Payment Services Provider, with the roles it requires (AISP, CBPII, PISP). Qualified Website Authentication Certificates (QWAC) that have a PSD2 eIDAS certificate profile will be required  .