Production API’s

XS2A is open for production since May 29th.  We most welcome you to read more about the services offered via the “How To” section  “8. Specific Berlin Group Implementation”.   Access to open banking APIs in production will be restricted to qualified third parties, having obtained authorization from a National Competent Authority (NCA) to operate as a Payment Services Provider, with the roles it requires (AISP, CBPII, PISP). Qualified Website Authentication Certificates (QWAC) that have a PSD2 eIDAS certificate profile will be required  .


PSD2 Compliance

AXA Bank fully supports innovation in the area of open banking and stimulates new services for customers.

We are committed to ensuring PSD2 compliancy in accordance with our product offering which focuses mainly on retail private customers. 

Soon AXA Bank will launch  an “open bank” API offer that enables 3rd Party Apps and Services accessing our customer’s bank accounts. In order to allow you  accessing these  API’s, you will have to be licensed by the Competent Authority.